About The Scoop

The San Marcos Scoop is a podcast network bringing you analysis of the biggest stories in San Marcos, Texas.
The goal of The San Marcos Scoop is to give the citizens of San Marcos a new platform to absorb their news without having to invest precious time. Podcasting is a unique media platform that allows people to digest information asynchronously while staying engaged with a  wide variety of topics.
So, if you live in San Marcos and want to stay informed with the latest news in one of the fastest growing cities in the nation, subscribe to the show anywhere you listen to podcasts by searching “San Marcos Scoop.”
The San Marcos Scoop is a production of Newzstreams Media, LLC. Newzstreams was founded by Scott Gregson, a local businessman, former city councilman, and entrepreneur in San Marcos. The company had partial ownership in the San Marcos Mercury, an online news publication.
Scott Gregson is a contributor to the San Marcos Scoop as the co-host on The Inside Scoop but does not have editorial or publishing status on the San Marcos Scoop.

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