Our Shows

The San Marcos Scoop podcast network currently has four shows throughout the week.

On Monday, listen to The Inside Scoop, where Exsar Arguello and Scott Gregson recap some of the biggest headlines in San Marcos, Texas. If you’re looking for an unscripted yet informative show about politics in San Marcos, this is the one for you.

After you’ve had your weekly dose of political insight, listen to Scoop Sports on Tuesdays. On this show, Gus and Javi recap the biggest headlines in the NBA, NFL and other sports.

On Thursday, join Jason Mock and Samantha Brown from the San Marcos Area Chamber of Commerce, as the duo bring guests to the studio to discuss topics related to business in San Marcos. SMTX Business Insider brings you analysis of business policy and philosophy while keeping the discussion local.

And on Friday, you can listen to the show that started it all: The Scoop. This show is hosted by the creator of the San Marcos Scoop, Exsar Arguello. Inspired by other podcasts like The New York Times’ “The Daily,” Exsar takes one specific topic relating to San Marcos politics, and develops it to an engaging story. On The Scoop, expect to hear exclusive interviews with local elected officials and in-depth analysis of some of the biggest stories in the city.


You can listen to any of our shows by searching “San Marcos Scoop” on any app you listen to podcasts. Subscribe so you are notified when episodes are released every single week.

Thank you so much for your time and support.

If you have any questions, comments or story ideas, email us at smtxscoop@gmail.com


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