Does Hays County need a revolving door policy?

Revolving door policies, which are popular in large municipalities, states and the federal government, bar previous elected officials and staff from conducting business with the former employer.
In fact, here in Hays County, San Marcos and Kyle both have revolving door policies.

But what would be the implications of a revolving door policy for the county government?
Discussion on a revolving door policy in Hays County was an idea brought forward to the Commissioners Court by County Judge Ruben Becerra and his Chief of Staff Alex Villalobos.
However, at the April 16 Commissioners Court workshop, the proposal was met with some scrutiny.

This week on the San Marcos Scoop, Exsar sat down with Hays County Commissioner Lon Shell, to discuss how the county would tackle implementing a revolving door policy, or lack thereof.

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