Hays County will continue to prosecute marijuana possession, sparking community outcry

Despite an overpopulated jail that is costing the county millions to outsource prisoners, Hays County District Attorney Wes Mau said the county will continue to prosecute possession of marijuana.
But does Texas need to take a different approach in regards to how we prosecute minor offenders? And what does the DA’s statement mean for the rest of the criminal justice system?

In 2017, county records indicate marijuana possession was the leading charge with over 800 arrests. Critics point to these numbers as hard evidence that taking a different approach to marijuana possession may relieve some of the pressures on the jail and court system.

Joining Exsar on the San Marcos Scoop was Karen Munoz and Joe Ptak. Munoz is the co-founder of Mano Amiga, criminal justice and immigration rights activists group and Ptak is a local expert in the criminal justice system.

Together, the trio discussed how changing the paradigm on marijuana offenders could help save the taxpayers millions while potentially saving the lives of thousands of people.

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